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Ob Augenringe, Pickel oder Sonnenbrand: wir alle kennen die kleinen Haut-Probleme, die besondere Aufmerksamkeit benötigen. Hier finden Sie zahlreiche Artikel, die Ihnen Tipps, Produkt-Empfehlungen und Informationen liefern, wie Sie kleine Beautysünden vermeiden und Ihre Haut wieder in Balance bringen und schön pflegen.
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Prevent skin damage with our skin SOS tips

They happen to everyone – rings, blemishes or other small skin problems that require special attention. Here in this section you’ll find a number of articles that will give you tips, product recommendations and other information on how to avoid little SOS moments and help to balance and restore your skin to the desired state. Whether it’s anti-wrinkle advice or care for pimples or other blemishes, we’re here to help you alleviate your discomfort and return your skin to healthy-looking, working order. Little skin emergencies don’t have to be as critical as you might first think. Here at NIVEA, we pride ourselves on our abilities to address your skincare needs and ensure that you stay radiant and comfortable no matter how dire your circumstances.

Calm down, it’s not as bad as you think!

There’s a solution to virtually every problem, and NIVEA is always here to help you find it. We all know how important it is to take good care of our skin, but despite all our efforts, sometimes those little SOS moments still sneak by. When that happens, it’s good to know what you can do to rectify the problem and move on without a worry. Unsightly pimples, clogged pores, blackheads, or the wrinkles you’ve been denying for the last couple of years are irritating but not as difficult to treat as you may believe. Read through some of our high-quality informational articles, only available here on this page, and discover how you can tackle your skin care issues quickly and efficiently.

We want to help you to help yourself

It is NIVEA’s goal to ensure that our readers are confident in their skin and their ability to manage and treat skincare issues when they arise. To do this, we’ve created this selection of articles that you can browse through quickly and easily. Simply use our topic filter – located at the top of the page above our listings – to sort through the page by topic or other characteristics and find the exact advice you’re searching for. We pride ourselves on providing only high-quality products to suit your every skincare need, but along with that comes the responsibility of ensuring that you’re not only equipped with the right tools, but also the correct knowledge and resources for establishing a healthy regimen and maintaining your skin once it is restored.